Riddle and Finns: Definitely the Best Seafood Restaurant in Town

Personally, finding the right restaurant to eat in (except using a 2-4-1 voucher for the local Italian) is a hard task in Brighton. I am quite particular when it comes to spending my money on something which I could have easily of cooked myself for cheaper at home. However, this time round it was my boyfriend’s birthday so I felt more relaxed about pushing the boat out. We both had our eyes on Riddle & Finn’s – a ‘Champagne and Oyster bar’ located in Meeting House Lane (of the South Laines).

It comes highly recommended by foodies and even Gordon Ramsay so we tried it. They don’t take reservations so we turned up at about 7.30 pm on a Tuesday and got a bench at the back of the small restaurant (note, this may not be the best place for an intimate dinner as they tend to ‘share’ the tables and seats with other couples). In the window is a wet fish display, from which you can buy home supplies (much as at the Fishworks chain). The decor is classy, with candles lighting the majority of the room – and stone marble tables give the place an expensive feel. We ordered a bottle of Prosecco for around £30, which was beautiful (if a little over my usual price range!).

The waitress brought over a basket of condiments, freshly baked bread and mackerel pate which are given to each person at £1 per head (very reasonable). My boyfriend decided on Calamari to start which had the softest texture I have ever experienced. After this, the waitress brought over my clam and bacon linguine and my boyfriend’s colossal crab along with Samphire – a type of seaweed, for a side dish. Mine was extremely rich and I couldn’t finish it, despite my heads yearning. I watched on and drank the Prosecco as I watched my usually painfully chatty other half crack and dissect his meal to his heart’s content for the best part of 40 minutes. After he had finished, we sat for a few minutes and collected the bill from a somewhat rushed but friendly waitress.

All in all this was an amazing, and reasonably priced restaurant and comes highly recommended on both mine and my extremely happy boyfriends part. This Riddle & Finns, set up by the people behind a well-regarded brasserie down on Brighton’s beach called Due South, is intended to be the first in a chain along the south coast. Bon appétit!

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