What is the Culture and Nature of a Filipina Wife?

Wondering what it would be like to be married to a beautiful Filipina?

There is no escaping the exotic beauty of a Filipina. How confusing it is though that on the “outside”, the Philippines appears to be on one of the most Westernized countries in Asia. English is prevalent everywhere you go, and most all signs are in English. Filipinos have taken to the Western culture voraciously, in dress, slang, fast-food, movies and music, and so forth.

Yet, underneath this veneer lies an Asian soul. Filipinos share many of the same values and attitudes with other Asians. If you fail to realize the façade of the English language, and the Filipina lady will act, react and think like a Westerner, you will commit many social and personal relationship blunders that could have long lasting effect. What specifically are some of the differences in the culture and nature of a Filipina wife?

1. The Filipina has been taught since childhood to be faithful, sincere, grateful and obedient. Culturally, from her mother, her aunties and from the church she has been instructed in the skills and duties to please a man. Instinctively she knows how to keep him content and how to create a comfortable atmosphere in the home. Strongly ingrained in their being is the respect for their parents as being most sacred.

2. A Filipina wife understands that in a family, as in any living organism, two heads attached to the body creates a monster. They therefore cherish and heavily value a man who leads. They are very comfortable following and allowing the husband to make the final decisions. They realize that at the end of the day, after all discussion has been had regarding a decision, it is the man’s responsibility to lead, and their responsibility to follow.

3. The Filipina is still very conservative. She knows that she must be faithful and respective to her husband. She will never have another man in her life while she is married.

4. In a dispute situation, the Filipina will go out of her way to avoid any direct confrontation. She will not “get in your face”; rather, she will hide her feelings behind what appears to be a genuinely friendly smile, or she will simply go silent on you. She will hold inside her true thoughts and feelings. The downside of all this is that anger builds up, and then she will respond at a time and place, and in a manner, a Westerner would never expect. The one thing above all to remember is that a Filipina, at the end of the day, is Asian and is a very sensitive lady.

5. The Filipina wife emphasizes a smooth relationship with her husband. Harmony at all times is her goal, and loss of face must be avoided at all times.

6. Yes, the Filipina is very exotic. She has a seductive quality that captivates and hypnotized the Western man’s eye. I fell in love with my Filipina wife the first moment I laid eyes on her, and I love her more today than I did 20 years ago. It is an amazing experience.

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